As a business grows, so does its legal needs. Eventually, every business needs its own general counsel. The general counsel serves as a trusted risk manager to a business owner, participating in decisions and neutralizing legal problems before they arise.

Traditional law firms are inefficient for smaller businesses. Most companies do not have sufficient scale to hire a full-time, in-house legal department. When business owners then seek counsel from traditional law firms, they are likely to find narrow specialists whose high hourly rates multiply as they pass the client back and forth among each other.

Business owners are best at running their business - not a law firm. In-house legal departments permit large company CEOs from the burdens associated with handling legal matters, similarly A|Squared’s outside general counsel service enables entrepreneurs to spend more time operating and growing their business. Our turnkey solution to legal matters makes business owners’ lives easier.

A|Squared’s significant experience in business/corporate law, intellectual property, human resources management, and labor/employment law will ensure compliance with applicable laws/regulations and reduce costly litigation.  We work closely with management to provide proactive, on-demand legal counseling so that your company can focus its efforts on operating and growing.   

Ultimately, your company receives effective legal insights and advice without the expenses associated with full-time general counsel. 


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